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Looking for a career change? Tired of the same 9-5 with no opportunity for advancement?  Stuck at a dead end?  Come join Interforce International Security for an exciting career as a security operative!  A career in security is an exciting field of work for people who like daily challenges, and a great opportunity to service your community by keeping civilians safe.

Many of our employees choose to be employed as security guards as a stepping stone for their future career goal in the law enforcement field.  Security guard experience is great for those who wish to pursue a variety of challenging and rewarding careers:

Award Winning!

We are an award winning security guard and investigations company. We treat everyone like family, NOT like a number. We even know everyone by their name! You can expect courtesy and respect from all of our managers. After all, our security personnel are our greatest asset. They don our uniform, which in return acts as ambassadors for our company. Our professional image comes from our employees!

Great Training!

Our training matrix constantly refreshes your skills to ensure they are always up-to-date and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We routinely provider refresher courses, such as emergency response simulations, AED defibrillator emergency training, and first aid re-certification. We provide comprehensive & valuable training for all of our security guards to succeed in the workplace!

Great Pay!

Not only do we compensate our employees in a competitive manner, we are proud not to deduct uniform fees from your paycheque! Unlike other companies who charge you to "rent them (and ultimately be respnsible for returning them when their employment ends), we are not like that! We value all employees and understand that a happy employee is a well compensated employee. We want you to be happy!

“Lack of life experience is the top cause for police recruits to be turned down during a recruiting process. Interforce International Security can provide you with the real life experience in order for future police recruits to gain valuable work experience.  Jump start your law enforcement career now with Interforce International Security!”

Working for Us:

  • Free training and licensing renewals!
  • Free uniforms with no deductions!
  • Competitive pay rates!
    Company paid lunches and dinners!
  • Excellent training matrix!
  • Drug and dental benefits!
  • Plenty of room for advancement!
  • We know you by your name!

Working for Them:

  • Pay for your training.
  • Get charged for uniform purchase (must return).
  • Minimum wage.
  • Paid lunches?  Never heard of that.
  • You’re on your own when it comes to training.
  • Sorry, we can’t provide you with health benefits.
  • Dead end job, no opportunities to learn more.
  • Who are you? What is your employee ID?
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Mandatory prerequisites for employment:

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Employment preference will be given to:

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High school apprentice / co-op program:

Are you a high school student looking to get into the law enforcement industry as a Police Officer or similar role?  You have found the perfect connection at gaining real life experience for your policing career right here!  We at Interforce International Security have worked with many educational schools and post secondary institutions by pairing ambitious students with on the job security operatives in order to gain valuable life experience, which can be used as co-op hours in order to obtain your high school diploma.

All students will be supervised at all times by a licensed and paid security guard.  Students will be allowed to shadow the security guard in order to observe, and to participate to some extent.  We have numerous sites in the greater Toronto area in which can provide students valuable work experience for graduation, AND for the police recruitment process!

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Main duties as a security guard at Interforce International:

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