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Front Desk Security in GT Area
Interforce International Security posted at front desk inside a commercial office building in Toronto:

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Our security mandate:

“To provide highly observant security guards in order to safeguard all property and assets from fire, theft, and vandalism.  Interforce International will provide protection and customer service for all customers, tenants, and employees who occupy and visit your property.”


Commerical security guard services & protection
Low to high depending on type of property, geographical location
Commercial properties, shopping malls, office buildings, clincs, etc.
Security foot patrol, enforce the Criminal Code, Trespass to Property Act

Commercial security protection poses a challenge to secure a building from security threats due to the fact that they are open to the public, and anyone can walk in without permission.  This in return requires security guards who are highly observant and trained to analyze the scenery in order to detect any suspicious behavior. A poorly trained security guard will lack proper judgement and let security threats slip by unnoticed.  Our highly trained security operatives will always remain vigilant, yet provide exceptional customer service for all tenants, employees, and visitors who need to occupy the premises.

Interforce International Security will provide a professional image for your commercial property by greeting and assisting anyone who needs assistance during their stay at your building. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for any suspicious activity which may lead to prohibited and illegal activity.  We achieve this by frequent foot patrols in common areas, which create a strong security image for everyone to take notice.  The chances of someone wanting to harm the building in anyway is greatly reduced due to our strong security presence.  Our security operatives are trained to provide the highest level of customer service for front desk security at the lobby or reception for anyone who has a question and/or concern.

“Interforce International Security’s commercial security guard protection services can provide a safe and professional image for all of your visitors, tenants, and employees.  At the same time, our vigilant security guards will ensure that security threats stay off property and/or are dealt with immediately”

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Professional commercial security guard services:

Interforce International Security’s commercial security guard services are upscale, elegant, professional, and customer service oriented!  Expect our security guards to provide a strong security presence on your property.  At the same time, our men and woman are always standing by to assist anyone who is in need of assistance.  We serve all of your clients, customers, and employees in the highest regard!