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You got questions about our security guard company?  We got the answers!

Yes, we are licensed as a dual security guard and private investigator company, under the Private Security & Investigative Services Branch and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario.

For a complete list of licensed security guard & private investigator agencies in Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Private Security & Investigative Services Branch’s website (search Interforce International Inc).

Interforce International Security has been in business since July of 2008 and currently employees 57 full and part time security guards and investigators in the greater Toronto area.

We are corporate members of:

  • Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACCE)
  • Toronto Construction Association (TCA)
  • Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI)
  • LiveGreen Toronto

Our accredations and certifications include:

  • Registered and authorized training provider for the basic 40 hours security guard course & 50 hours private investigator course in Ontario.
  • First aid training certification to teach students first aid and CPR as a Red Cross training partner (Academy for First Aid and Safety of Toronto).
  • Certified Commissioners of Oath for Ontario.

Our corporate award history includes:

  • Nominee at ACCE Awards: 2012
  • Recipient at USTCI Awards: 2013
  • Nominee at ACCE Awards: 2014
  • Recipient at Brampton Business Excellence Awards: 2015
  • Recipient of CV Awards Magazine


Yes, we are insured, which is a mandatory requirement as per the PSISB of Ontario.

Our head office and main training centre is located at 2428 Islington Avenue, Unit 17 in Toronto.

Our payroll and accounting department is located at 83 Kennedy Road, Unit 12.  We also have a satellite location in Niagara Falls, located at 3487 Portage Road, Unit 4.

For a complete list of security guard services we provide, please visit the security guard services overview section.

Aside from frequent unannounced spot checks in which we check for compliance of all acts, regulations, and laws, we also conduct “virtual spot checks” through 2-way live video feed.  Our head office can talk face to face with our security guards, and even provide them technical assistance and guidance via video telephony.

Every time we conduct a routine spot check, we submit a mobile spot check report and submit it to the client.

Our security guard’s minimum standard of knowledge and training includes:

  • The Trespass to Property Act.
  • The Criminal Code of Canada.
  • The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct.
  • Basic security patrol procedures.
  • Health and safety.
  • WHMIS (workplace hazardous materials information system).
  • Crisis intervention / volatile situation diffusing tactics.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Handcuffing.
  • Proper baton use.
  • Self defense & takedown techniques.
  • The Tenant Protection Act.
  • Emergency response preparation (police, fire, ambulance).
  • The Canadian Legal System.
  • Legal authorities.
  • Effective communication.
  • Use of force theory.
  • First aid
  • CPR including automated external defibrillation.
  • Comprehensive report writing.
  • Customer service.

Depending on which location our security guards are placed, additional training is provided, which includes:

  • Basic preventive maintenance and spot checks of machinery.
  • Elevator malfunction in the event of persons stuck inside.
  • Fire drill protocols.
  • Blackout (power outage) protocols.
  • Fire watch.

There is no universal template in which we use to generate hourly billing rates, so this question is a bit difficult to answer as it is a case to case situation. Every client has their unique needs and challenges.  However, we can explain what we do and what metrics are used in order to generate an hourly billing rate:

  1. We always conduct a threat assessment prior to providing a quotation.  This involves one of our representatives physically visiting your facility and analyzing the property inside out for existing and possible future threats that may be of concern.
  2. Geographical location is then factored in.
  3. Industry is then factored in.
  4. Past history of incidents is then factored in.
  5. Duration of service agreement is then factored in, along with the amount of service hours (the longer the service agreement, the more affordable the rate becomes).
  6. An hourly billing rate is then generated.

Our formula for generating an hourly quotation includes the following metrics:

  1. Hourly wage of the security gaurd.
  2. Payroll taxes, including Canada Pension Plan contributions (CPP), and Employment Insurance (EI).
  3. Workplace Safety Insurance (WSIB).
  4. Health & dental benefits.
  5. Work allowances (if any).
  6. Overhead costs, including site visits, uniforms, logistics, equipment, etc.
  7. Harmonized sales tax (HST).

Before we answer that question, we acknowledge that the number one complaint that clients have is the high turnover of security guards they have assigned to protect their property.  This causes increased training resources for the security company and client.  Some properties are complex and require weeks and weeks of training in order to be proficient with the operations, yet clients end up frustrated that security guards don’t last too long.

We at Interforce International Security acknowledge that loyal & long servicing employees are paramount to a successful security firm.

We also acknowledge that in order to retain employees long term, the solutions are not complex at all.  In fact, just simple gestures, such as thanking an employee for their efforts goes a long way to make them feel appreciative at work.  Employees often quot due to their efforts not being recognized.  We have an excellent track record of retaining employees long term by doing simple things like:

  • Calling the employee, thanking them for their hard work and efforts.
  • Employee paid dinners and lunches.
  • Employee health and dental benefits.
  • Gift card distribution.
  • Get well cards when ill.
  • Performance certificates recognizing outstanding achievements.

Not only are we a licensed security guard & private investigator company, we are also a registered training facility.  Our facility can seat up to 18 students at any given time to provide the necessary training for our security guard to do their jobs.

We offer all of our security guards refresher courses in order to keep their training current and up-to-date with all laws, acts, and regulations.

Yes, we are a registered training provider to provide training for the following courses;

  1. Ontario 40 hour basic security guard course.
  2. Ontario 50 hour private investigator course.
  3. First aid & CPR course.
  4. WHMIS.
  5. Fall arrest (coming soon).
  6. Worker safety training.
  7. Food handling certification (coming soon).

Visit our training department webpage for complete details of courses.

A great question deserves many great answers!  Please visit our “Why Interforce International Security” page for lots of answers!

Our Toronto office handles all municipalities in the greater Toronto area.  Our Niagara Falls branch office handles all municipalities in the west end areas.

In summary, we serve all municipalities within a 500 kilometer radius from Toronto.