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A new generation of innovative protection!

“To provide highly observant security guards in order to protect all life, property, and data from harm and sabotage.  We achieve this by providing a high security presence in which is an effective  tool at thwarting off any security threat that may harm the well-being of your property”


General security guard services & protection
Low to high depending on type of property, geographical location
Residential buildings, commercial, industrial.
Security foot patrol, enforce the Criminal Code, Trespass to Property Act

Interforce International Security’s security guard services for general security guard protection is geared towards property and civilian protection for all properties in general.  This includes residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities including warehouses, yards, and facilities in need of security guard protection.

By working closely with property managers, superintendents, and other staff, Interforce International Security is capable of providing effective security guard protection services that are required in order to adequately secure your property.  Expect a highly professional security detail for your property.

“Interforce International Security employs highly qualified and experienced security guards who have one thing in common: To serve and to protect your community.  We ensure everyone occupying your property is safe from harm and ensure their well being is never compromised at any time”

1. The threat assessment:

Interforce International Security will conduct a full threat assessment of the property. We will identify all existing and future threats that pose harm to the well-being of your property.

2. The security sweep:

With all threats identified, Interforce International Security will conduct a vigilant security sweep of the property in ordet to neutralize all security threats identified.

3. Maintain order:

After an aggressive security sweep of all threats identified in step 1, criminal activity will be greatly reduced and under control. We will not maintain this level of order to maintain peace.

Interforce International Security’s security guard protection services services a wide geographical location, including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, and many more cities!  Our protection services include (but not limited to):

Professional, pro-active, effective security solutions:

The solution to reduce criminal activity on your property is simple: A strong security presence.  Here at Interforce International Security, we specialize in just that!  By performing unpredictable security guard patrols at random times, we not only provide a strong security presence in which everyone will take notice, but we will also be successful in deterring and neutralizing any threat that may pose a harm to your property’s well being.  Investing in a security guard can mean the difference between residents living in fear, and living safe and sound knowing that our men and women are always on duty to serve and to protect!