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Our specialized unit of trained security professionals who specialize in high risk security detail for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  Our elite team provide a strong security presence in order to combat trespassers from inflicting harm in your community and/or business.  Not only does our high risk team conduct aggressive security sweeps to clean up properties overrun by criminal activity, once we restore order, we keep it that way. 

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High risk security requires a dedicated team of elite security professionals:

Properties overrun by criminal activity requires a competent security firm who knows what to expect, and knows how to eliminate all threats in order to restore order and keep it that way.  The main reason why high crime rates occur in your neighborhood is in fact, because of a lack of enforcement.  Police patrols can be effective for only a short period of time because they are not stationed on site in order to maintain order.  However, Interforce International Security’s high-risk security division is an entirely seperate division from the general security division, specializing to properties in dire need of reform in terms of safety and enforcement.  Some problematic situations that we encounter everyday include:

“Interforce International’s high risk division works with Police, law enforcement agencies, and the community as a team to combat criminal activity on property.  By sharing intelligence with each other, we make communities a safer place for everyone to live in peace and harmony”

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How we combat criminal activity on your property:

1. The threat assessment:

Interforce International Security will conduct a full threat assessment of the property. We will identify all existing and future threats that pose harm to the well-being of your property.

2. The security sweep:

With all threats identified, Interforce International Security will conduct a vigilant security sweep of the property in ordet to neutralize all security threats identified.

3. Maintain order:

After an aggressive security sweep of all threats identified in step 1, criminal activity will be greatly reduced and under control. We will not maintain this level of order to maintain peace.

Why choose Interforce International Security for your security protection needs in high risk areas?

Although there are over 500 licensed security firms in Ontario, only a select few have the experience and competency to perform security detail in which is classified as high risk.  Level III properties, such as low income neighborhoods require a team of carefully selected security professionals who have training that exceed the industry standard in order to combat illegal activity in the most effective methods.  Diffusing hostile situations without the use of force is what we specialize in, with using force as a last resort method.

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Interforce Security's comprehensive protection services include: