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FACT: Two thirds of theft at a store or warehouse is INTERNAL:

“To provide covert and overt loss prevention / security guard services for retail, wholesale, department, and warehouse, and distribution environments in order to minimize inventory loss from internal and external theft sources. 


Loss prevention
Moderate to high depending on type of inventory, and client expectation / situation.
Retail stores, department stores, big box stores, distribution centres, warehouses.
Security foot patrol, CCTV monitoring, bag checks, apprehending shoplifters.

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How Interforce International Security combats theft in stores, warehouses, and distribution centes:

Shrinking inventory count with no explanation?  No, it’s not a simple mathematical error, its theft right under your nose.  Millions of dollars are being lost due to theft, whether it be internal or external.  Theft is one of the biggest challenges that retail and department stores face,  causing unexpected inventory shortages and thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  Without proper security protocols in place, a retail store for example can be literally run into the ground if no protective measures are being implemented.  Here at Interforce International Secuirty, our security experts know what to look for, what to say, and how to respond in the event of a theft incident.  Without using any use of force, the thief is apprehended, and the end result is a full recovery of an item (or items) that were concealed with intent to walk out of your store without paying for that merchandise.

“Loss prevention starts with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (or CPTED): By organizing your inventory and / or store layout in a way where it makes it extremely difficult to covertly conceal an item and walk out the door, theft will be greatly reduced in comparison to a poorly laid out shop floor.”

A well organized shop floor:

A poorly organized shop floor:

video monitoring services - Interforce Security Protection

What can Interforce Security do to combat theft?

Interforce International Security can act covertly, overtly, or both in order to present to all shoppers a strong security presence.  Thieves want privacy when conducting their covert operations.  By interacting with suspicious shoppers, we take away that privacy.  In return, shoplifters get very uncomfortable and often leave the store empty handed.  We can also operate covertly and detect suspicious activity via CCTV cameras.  Once the thief leaves the store showing no intention to pay, our security guards move in to stop and apprehend the shoplifter. The end result?  A full recovery of all product stolen and a police ride in the back seat for the shoplifter.

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Interforce International Security's loss prevention security guard services can service and protect:

Interforce International Security’s loss prevention security guard protection services services a wide geographical location, including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, and many more cities!  Our protection services include (but not limited to):