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2428 Islington Avenue control centre in Toronto:
Our 24 hour control centre provides live CCTV live video monitoring services monitoring services, armed with video analytics to detect and deter illegal activity.  Our CCTV analytic operators detect trouble at its earliest stages with the help of best video monitoring system, and dispatch the necessary resources needed in order to neutralize the threat.

Our security mandate:

“To provide cost effective security solutions for construction sites and commercial buildings, under the watchful eye of security analytic camera operators, equipped with job site security camera systems on the lookout or anything that may be a security threat to your property”


Remote CCTV camera monitoring security
Construction sites, residential / commercial / industrial properties.
CCTV video surveillance by video analytic operators.

remote video alarm monitoring services
Interforce International Security's 24 hour CCTV monitoring centre with trained video analytic operators, located at 2428 Islington Avenue:

The cost of manning a security guard for a typical construction site, residential building, or commercial property can range anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 per month, depending on the coverage needed.  This caused large overhead costs for companies during tough economic times.  But did you know that CCTV remote video monitoring services has been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years due to less restrictive insurance policy requirements?

A physical presence of a security guard for fire watch protection for example was the norm for construction sites, and is still the norm due to the possibility of fire, flooding, and intruders.  Insurance companies who insure the property during its construction phase routinely mandate an actual security guard to be on site after hours to prevent catastrophes from happening.

Security Guards for Constructions sites
Security Guards performing fire extinguisher checks:
Construction Site Security Cameras Services
Security guards scanning a checkpoint inside a construction site:

In the past few years, due to technology advancing, more and more insurance companies are now accepting CCTV cameras as a valid form of security for construction sites and commercial buildings.  As a result, more and more construction sites now have CCTV cameras that monitor fire, floods, intrusions, and other illegal activity during the early stages of construction.

“The implementation of CCTV camera monitoring as a valid form of security protection has shifted the demand from security guards to professionally monitored CCTV cameras in order to secure a construction site and commercial building”

We See Everything:

We see trespassers hoping over the fence into your construction site, vandals setting bond fires, or thieves up to no good.  We see it all through our high definition cameras.

We Act Immediately:

We can analyze live threats in real time.  Depending on the severity of the breach, we have several security protocols to neutralize securit threats we see from our cameras.

We Dispatch Help:

We can dispatch a variety of response services, such as EMS, fire, Police, and even our own mobile secuirty response team to neutralize the security threat. Full turn key security solutions!

Save money with CCTV security cameras with professional monitoring!

In comparison to having a physical security guard to protect your construction site or commercial building, in general, your overhead costs to secure your property will be reduced anywhere from 50%-70%. It is a win-win situation for construction sites seeking adequate security protection that satisfies your insurance company's requirements for after hours security protection. More and more construction and property management companies are making the switch from security guards to CCTV cameras, and you should too!

Digital Brochure for Remote Security Informaiton
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Pay for the hours that you only want security monitoring!

Unlike other security monitoring companies that charge you for 24 hour monitoring regardless of whether you need the monitoring, Interforce International Security charges by the hour, allowing you to request CCTV camera monitoring services at specific times, such as after hours when all construction workers have left for the day, or overnight when your building has the most activity that needs to be monitored. Rest assured, our CCTV cameras are always recording 24/7, and should an incident happen outside of the monitoring hours, we will be able to view the video history for up to one month!