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video monitoring services - Interforce Security Protection

Residential security guard protection services play an integral role in maintaining the peace and to provide a professional and safe image towards all of your residents and employees.  Your residents will highly appreciate your property management’s efforts to keep everyone safe through this crucial investment in resident safety.  Interforce International Security will provide a strong security presence in order to make all residents who call their place home a safe place to live and raise their families.

Our security mandate:

“To provide highly observant security guards in order to protect all life, property, and data from harm and sabotage.  We achieve this by providing a high security presence in which is an effective  tool at thwarting off any security threat that may harm the well-being of your property”

Interforce International Security is pleased to provide all residential properties (rental and condominium type buildings and townhomes) proactive and professional security guard services in order to maintain order and service all residents and visitors in the highest regard.  Our residential security guards are trained to assist residents in every way possible, and to act as the first responder when it comes to building maintenance and emergencies.

Our security guard services really shines when it comes to condo corporations with no immediate on-site superintendant on duty. Because our men and woman are always on duty around the clock, Interforce International Security understands that having mechanically inclined security guards are crucial when responding to maintenance issues.  In the event of a maintenance issue, our security guards will be able to provide immediate assistance in order to diagnose and resolve any mechanical issue that may arise.   This is achieved through frequent on-site training of mechanical breakdown simulations, such as:

“Having mechanically inclined security guards is key to ensuring the building is always in proper condition, which will prolong the longevity of the property.  Our security guards will detect building deficiencies at its earliest stage and report them to the appropriate personnel for immediate repaid and / or correction”


video monitoring services - Interforce Security Protection

2428 Islington Avenue control centre in Toronto:
Our 24 hour control centre provides live CCTV monitoring services, armed with video analytics to detect and deter illegal activity.  Our CCTV analytic operators detect trouble at its earliest stages, and dispatch the necessary resources needed in order to neutralize the threat.